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How to Find Someone's Phone Number in Australia

Damien Johnson - Monday, January 30, 2012

Sometimes it can be a real challenge finding a way to reach an old friend or a work-related contact.phone_book

Finding a phone number for an old friend or small business is often not as easy as we expect it to be. This is because these days people and businesses can make their numbers private.

Still, to this day, the best way to find a person’s or business’s number is by looking in your local directory. However, there may be a couple of directories you haven’t thought of. So here is a list of five websites/directories that should give you the best chances of reaching that particular someone or business.

1. White Pages

A classic, the White Pages website allows you to search for people and businesses by inputting their name or business and searching for any numbers that correspond. Much like its hard copy counterpart, White Pages online is an extremely comprehensive alphabetical directory. Best of all, the online version is more up to date.

2. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages, both the online version and hard copy, is an Australian-wide directory for Australian Businesses. The online portion has the same advantage as White Pages in that it is more up to date than its hard copy counterpart.

3. Person Lookup

Purely an online service, Person Lookup is a free-of-charge site that allows you to do national searches for phone numbers and addresses in Australia. It also includes a reverse search option where you can search for someone by inputting their phone number. It’s fast and simple with clear results.

4. Local Directories

Local Directories deals with local businesses within the areas of New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. However, the directory may not cover all businesses with these states or territory.

5. Local Blue Pages

Similar to Local Directories, Local Blue Pages is a directory for local businesses residing within the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria only.

We hope this list has proven helpful and that you manage to catch up with friends or find a business you’ve been looking for. If you have directories you find useful that haven’t been listed here, feel free to share them in the comments blow.


* Image source: How can i recycle this / Flickr Creative Commons

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