Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate call features?
What is the call quality like?
What is the difference between the Telco Talk Home Phone services and the phone service I have now?
Can Telco Talk provide me with more than one line if I need it?
How long will it take to switch over to the Telco Talk Home Phone service?
How much does line rental cost?
Can I get one bill for both Internet and Home Phone?
Will my Home Phone service be on a contract?
I rented a handset from Telstra, will I now be paying Telco Talk for that?
Can I keep my fax duet?
Do I have to be an Internet customer to sign up for the Telco Talk Home Phone service?
Is your Home Phone service available everywhere in Australia?
Will I need to notify my current provider?
What do I get if I bundle?
I have a noisy phone line, what can I do to fix it?
My calls are dropping out, what could be causing it?
I have no dial tone but it was working previously, my ADSL is still working fine, please help!
I have no dial tone or ADSL service at the moment, what's wrong?
I can make calls but can't receive them/I can receive calls but can't make them?
How do I request a new phone feature?
My landline has a different number all of a sudden. What should I do before contacting support?
If I transfer over to Telco Talk, can I keep my current number?
What if I move house?
I don't understand my phone bill, who can I talk to?
What is CSG?
I asked for a silent number, why can people still see my number when I call them?
I'm getting nuisance calls, what should I do?
I want to change my phone plan, how can I do this?

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